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Hello and welcome to Nik A Ramli website. Or simply NAR meaning Natural, Aspirational, Relaxing!

This site will showcase my interior design portfolio and other creative work I have released.


"Your home should be filled with things that matter most to you. It can come from a thrift store... as long as it has a story behind it that means something to you."

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry I pride myself on providing original interior design and building strong relationships with my clients. As an effective listener and negotiator, I can problem solve to meet the needs of my clients’ creative dilemmas for their home and business. 

So, are you looking for a fresh look to suit your lifestyle? If yes, why not click Design Service to see how I can help and guide you with your design enquiries. Let's have a little chat over a cup of coffee with a slice of cake and work together to achieve your design dream.

If you are interested in interior design tips and ideas visit my DESIGN DESIRE blog.




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Are you a fan of social media? Talk to me, because I am a fan too! So, for more creative tips and ideas follow and join the conversation @




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Thank you to Yos Yunos for setting up this website.

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