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Syndicated in ID-DIGEST.com THE INTERNATIONAL LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE (Previously USA on-line publication)

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What makes your home welcoming to yourselves and your guest? It all starts at the entrance – your home’s hallway is the first expression.

To make the hallway wonderful and warm to walk into, invest in a good floor treatment. An elegantly designed floor will give a fantastic effect – you may not have the big budget to use solid wood or marble, ceramic or even carpet for the whole home, but this is one good way on making a big impact in a relatively small space. To complement the room, display a console table. The console’s measurement should be suitable for the space and shape of the hallway. A beautifully crafted console with drawers can also be used for storage.

Finish the look with a beautiful mirror fitted above the console. Mirrors come in various shapes – round, rectangular, square. Finally accessorise with beautiful luxury items such as table lamps, vases, boxes and picture frames. Fresh flowers provide natural perfume as you enter the room.

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I am sure many of you have been to a nice luxury hotel and wished you too could have that ‘Hotel Chic’ look in your home. Why not try the following recommendations.

The overall look can be achieved simply by repainting the walls. Select classical, calm meditative colours – green, cream, brown and neutral tones to for example. Complement these pallets in the room with luxuriously textured soft furnishings such as cushion covers, throws and if your budget allows use it for your curtains as well! As for the flooring, a textured luxury rugs and even runners will do the trick!

Picture frames in dark wood are a good option. As for wall mounted picture frames inject a touch of golden colour. The bigger the fame measurement, the better. For mirrors, the bigger the frame edging the more of a luxury effect it provides. Display tall mirrors fitted from the floor upwards to the ceiling and some mirrors fitted at eye level. For vases, use that one off look – glass, marble, ceramic and wood. Glamorous lamps are a ‘must’ with individual looks – bronze or dark oak wood bases with gold silk or even moleskin oversized shades provide you with that ‘CHIC’ look.      

You already have the sofa or bed and are happy with it - so why not add a chair – new or 1930’s style that introduces a stylish and sophisticated retro look. Ebony wood stain with leather finishes brings you the glamorous touch. Finally, all rooms have to be clutter free – enjoy the luxury ‘Hotel Chic’ look at home.

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If you wish to decorate and repaint the home then do consider the space overall, the natural light that comes into the room and the use of artificial lights. You can paint an area of 40cm x 40cm samples of the colours you wish to use. This can work as your design mood board palette. Your mind should be as clear as possible before making a visit to the nearest paint shop.

The colours you wish to show in the home are not limited to the wall paint. There are other ways. Colours can be injected using soft furnishings – cushions, throws, seating furniture dressed in your favourite fabrics and a splash of vibrant colour in the curtains or even blinds. Don’t be afraid to use colour! Use dark colours on the walls and the floors. As an example, red will provide a sexy and sensual feel. Dark brown wooden flooring or carpet gives a luxury feel. But do remember any colour chosen has to work within the whole design and with the accent colours you are displaying in the room(s). Remember the colours you have chosen are something you will be using for a long time so make sure you can love them and live with them – good luck and enjoy the search for the perfect colours for your home.

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