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"Every homeowner needs a little corner to escape and be alone. A single armchair, placed within the living space is the perfect zone for one to centre oneself, exhale and relax."

Please see below for my Design Awards information.



SME News Greater London Awards 2020 - Winner by SME News Magazine 
Most Creative Designer 2020 - United Kingdom

Criteria:  The Greater London Enterprise Awards are judged purely on a merit. In order to determine SME worthy winners, the in-house research team carefully analyse the information that is available both online and in the public domain as well as any previous accolades awarded. SME awards are based on quality, not the number of votes received. SME process works to ensure that SME reward parties based on their reputation, commitment, innovation, determination and contribution to society.


Global Business Insight Awards 2019 - Winner by Global Business Insight Magazine 
Leading Interior Designer Firm Of The Year 2019 - United Kingdom 

Criteria: Distinguishes the small business with between 10 and 50 employees, which has the most innovative service or product that has demonstrated its ability to shake up the sector. The judges will also consider the strength of their turnover growth within the past year.


BUILD 2018 Real Estate And Property Awards - Winner by BUILD Review Magazine 
Most Renowned Interior Designer - United Kingdom 

Criteria: BUILD awards process is thorough, and they use a number of factors to make sure the process is fair and shows a true reflection of the companies involved. BUILD don’t award companies based on the number of votes received, but rather on merit. This helps smaller companies have a fighting chance against the larger companies who tend to always receive higher numbers of votes. Once the case files have been completed BUILD then begin their judging phase. BUILD judging panel is comprised of their three directors at AI Global Media, the head of the research team, the head of the awards team and lastly the head of the editorial department. Once the judging panel have received all the case files in a category breakdown, then they discuss and deliberate to decide on who they believe deserves the award.


The Book Awards - The People's Book Awards Printed Book Winner October 2014 
Donna Summer The Thrill Goes On - A Tribute (PaperbackVersion) 

Awards Information: The only book awards that are truly open to the book and Kindle reading public. Ordinary people who wish to show their support for a particular title by nominating or voting for it in The Book Awards annual award competitions. For over a decade, The Book Awards has offered emerging and established authors the chance to compete on equal terms. The Book Awards are a division of Acclaimed Books Limited, a company registered in England.


Northern Design Awards 2013 - Livingetc Best Room Finalist 
The Comfort Zone

Project Information: This is an easy-living concept with a touch of glamour that provides a comforting welcome to the home owner. The open living, kitchen and dining room plan provides maximum convenience in a modern day style. This is a perfect home for the discerning, modern professional. It is an environment that is homely and relaxing, glamorous and functional, all at once. The Comfort Zone; not just for the lucky owner but also for their guests who come to visit or stay. 


Decorex International Love Design 2011 - Decorex Loves Blogger Week 3 Runner Up 
Design Desire 

Criteria: To find interior design bloggers that are up to date with the latest industry news and trends include their continuous exchange of ideas in the online space.

Concept For Living Home & Garden Exhibition & Awards 2005 - Runner Up Public Vote 
Future Deluxe 

Project Information: Living space, a viable option for today’s world. Homely, luxurious and modern. A contemporary living space that combines luxury and practicality – a synthesis of design elements that produce an environment that is affordable, practical and desirable.

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