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SIMPLY THE BEST... 10 selected interviews published in various publications

Who is Nik A Ramli in your own words? (Dunia Magazine, USA)

This is interesting, what can one say about oneself? If I must, I’ll say approachable, friendly, easy to get along with, open minded, optimistic and never gives up on my dreams. Never regret the things that I have done in my life! If I fall down I’ll get up and continue my voyage.


What is your greatest extravagance? (Concept For Living, UK)

Hmm. Firstly paying for my own bespoke furniture design to be displayed at my upcoming show. Also perfumes, jackets, shoes and my music collection. You can never have too many nice things and it’s good to treat yourself from time to time.


Do you have a favourite colour? (ID-Digest, USA)

Personally I love all colours. But I must say that red is my favourite. The colour of glamour, vibrant, warm and seductive yet danger at the same time! However if the question is regarding interior design schemes, it varies.


What made you decide on this profession? (ID-Digest, USA)

It was only when I was given a fish tank as a birthday gift. I enjoyed viewing the aquarium display at the vet / animal hospital and borrowed their ideas and transferred the display by adding my own touches into my aquarium. I began wondering how many other spaces I could transform and I started to observe what my mother was doing, which was rearranging the home display.

The design ambition then took off after that. At school, I had chosen subjects that were related to design. At home I always re-arranged the furniture of the house. My mother would be thrilled with the transformation however at times… (You know what!). My father paid for my education and I went on to gain my university qualifications.


How would you describe your style? (Concept For Living / UK)

My style is contemporary, but encompasses old, new and elegant touches. I love injecting a touch of my own personality, as well as something unexpected into a home’s design, perhaps having an item with sentimental value such as an old metal toy car or even your first lunch box in one of your display units.

As for bigger projects, my style varies. At the end of the day it all depends on the clients, the brief and budget.


What are your creative processes? (Space, Singapore / Malaysia)

My creative processes comes from good research and observing things around me through reading, looking at products and even listening to music. As I travel, the culture from each country I visit plays an important role in my design ideas along with their architecture and landscape, provided me an important part of creative thinking. As a designer I see things with an open mind. Forward thinking and ideas from others are crucial as part of a learning process.


When the next generation looks back on you and your work, what would you like to be known for? (ID-Digest, USA)

‘Laid Back Glamour’ - a designer that is able to deliver design ideas into reality and make a fresh statement with a contemporary style which encompasses old, new and elegant touches with an arty twist and a good eye for light and thematic use of colours.


How would you describe Donna Summer: The Thrill Goes On? (The Star, Malaysia)

It is a very personal tribute, a music biography celebrating the late American star’s musical success. It documents Donna Summer’s ups and downs during her career in the world of entertainment. It is an informative read and contains a lot of detailed factual information. This project is a fair and constructive critical analysis of my favourite singer’s artistic legacy. Still, one can’t help it if there is a little bit of bias because, after all, Donna Summer is my favourite artist. The book is aimed at all music lovers who would like to know what an incredibly creative person Donna Summer was. New fans will love this book, fanatical fans will appreciate it. I’m sure no one can satisfy every single one of Donna Summer’s hardcore followers but I hope most people will enjoy it.


What is your writing style like? (The Star, Malaysia)

As for my writing style, what can I say? All right, it is FLAWELESS, absolutely FABULOUS and FANTASTIC! Seriously, it is not for me to judge. It is a research based work. The writing will be what I would think a music biography would be. I’m not a trained creative writer or a novelist or ever claimed to be one. It is a good read for all those that love music biographies. This is my first book, so reviewers, please let’s be nice!


Closing words… (Dunia Magazine, USA)

Be positive, surround yourself with positivity. Don’t be big-headed after you think you have achieved something. Stay grounded and remember your roots. Accept criticism (good and bad) with an open mind. Give a chance to others. Don’t let yourself be intimidated! Respect, SMILE, LOVE, lots of LOVE, be HAPPY, be able to LAUGH and be at PEACE. Most importantly speak out, don’t be shy and ask for help if you need it. Believe that you can do it, if you don’t believe in yourself who else will? If you have a dream then follow that dream, because those dreams will come true.

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