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Concept For Living

Title: Shhh... Seduction At 4am

Brief: Living space for practicality and originality, reflecting the needs of real people.

Theme of roomset:Relaxed, comfortable and modern.

Aims and objectives:To design a comfortable modern living space that reflects the needs of real people.

Judges’ comments:

“This is a strong scheme and the designer obviously has the gift of the gab because he’s managed to get a lot of sponsors. I do think that being able to find sponsors is a necessary skill in this industry… I like his designs. He has a good commercial sense and I think he could be successful as a TV presenter as well as an interior designer. – he has the confidence to do it.” Laura McCree

“The standard at this year’s awards has been exceptionally high and everybody has made a great effort, making it difficult to choose one winner. “I think this is one of the strongest room set designs. Nik also stands out for me as being quite PR savvy. “I could imagine quite happily sitting down and lounging in here…overall I like it and I would like to work with this guy!” Nigel Scott


Wall Shelving Unit Shhhh x1, Shhhh x2, Art Work Colour Dance 1 & 2, Flower Cushion Flowerand Window Screen AFAdesigned by Nik A Ramli.

Wall Shelving Shhhh x1 Wall Shelving Shhhh x2
Cushion Flower Window Screen AFA
Art Work Colour Dance 1 Art Work Colour Dance 2
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